My Practice

I am a psychologist with over 30 years of experience. I have worked in a variety of settings and with people of all ages and all types of concerns. Currently I am in independent practice in South Portland Maine. I provide cognitive behavioral therapy to individuals. I specialize in treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and related problems such as tic disorders including Tourette's Disorder  Trichotillomania and Compulsive Skin Picking. I provide cognitive therapy for people with other disorders including schizophrenia and offer supervision in cognitive behavioral therapy. Coaching services may be provided to people at distant locations. I provide behavioral consultations using applied behavior analysis

Contact Information

James Claiborn Ph.D. ABPP ACT

6 D St.

South Portland ME 04106

Phone 207 799-0408 Fax 207 767-7002


I have provided more information about my practice, experience and interests and coaching here: Anxiety Shrink

You can ask me a question or send a comment by clicking Ask Me

About OCD and related Disorders

If you are looking for treatment for OCD it is important to choose carefully. My friend Dr Bruce Mansbridge who runs the Austin Center for OCD has written some advice on finding a therapist. Here is a link Finding a Therapist

Articles and Presentations

Here are links to some articles and presentations I have written on OCD, hoarding, psychosis and other topics.

Compulsive Skin Picking
Compulsive Hoarding
Schizophrenia Delusion or Reality
An Introduction to CBT for Schizophrenia
Rubber Meets the Road Implementing CBT at Riverview
Do you hear what I hear: Some thoughts on voices
Treatment Resistant OCD and BDD
Understanding and Treating OCD
Addressing Psychotic Symptoms in BDD
Treating Nightmares
The Importance of Exposure
Sensory Integration vs Behavioral Approaches to Problem Behaviors in Austism

I have created an annotated bibliography on cognitive therapy for psychosis. It can be viewed at Google Docs. CBT Psychosis Bibliography

I gave a talk in Italy on my conceptual journey as a therapist from understanding anxiety to understanding psychosis. It is presented here in two pdf files. One is the text of the talk and the other is the slides I used.

Slides for Conceptualizing Anxiety and Psychosis
Conceptualizing Anxiety and Psychosis

Mind Maps

Mind maps are a way to present complex concepts in the form of a diagram. They are especially helpful in representing interrelationships between elements. I have created some mind maps using a program called XMind. Here are some mind maps that I hope will be thought provoking and perhaps make some complex topics more understandable.

Delusions Mind Map
Schizophrenia Mind Map

Cognitive Therapy Tools

Delusions Mind Map
In cognitive therapy we use many tools to help people understand how their thinking is related to their problems. We work with changing thinking to help reduce distress, ease depression or anxiety and manage other problems. One important tool is a dysfunctional thought record (DTR). I have created a version of a DTR and provide it at the link below. There are samples filled in and instructions. You may copy this form and use it for to help yourself.

Here are instructions for a DTR

Here is a sample blank DTR

Here is a sample DTR filled in by someone with checking OCD

Here is a sample DTR filled in by someone with voices

Here is a link to Amazon and some books I recommend.

Here is a cartoon about OCD from the International OCD Foundation. Enjoy

AIYH Sample from John Spottswood Moore on Vimeo.

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